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DeWitt Memorial, providing hand-crafted monuments for over 100 years. Let our family help you design a lasting tribute for your loved ones. We proudly serve Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois. Many monument styles and granite colors to choose from.


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  • “By hosting a Revive After Five in September, we were able to celebrate our 25th Anniversary with the DCDC membership and gain great exposure in our community.”

    - Kathy Donahue, Hansen Monuments
  • “Being a member of the DCDC has positively impacted our business by allowing us to get more involved in the community.”

    - Marty Spies, Kunau Implement
  • “By getting to know us, the DCDC can tell people what we offer and send them our way.”

    - Marty Spies, Kunau Implement
  • “Joining the DCDC marketing committee has allowed me a great opportunity to be a part of a group of local people with widely varying backgrounds, challenges and objectives. We have united around a...

    - Rev. Paul Lang, Emmaus Road Church
  • “The DCDC presented Hansen Monuments with a “Spotlight of Success” award honoring our 25th year as a DeWitt business!   We can’t say enough good about the DCDC and our community support!”... more
    - Kathy Donahue, Hansen Monuments

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